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Thank You for assisting our current and future residents with the sale and or purchase of their home. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations as they relate to the buying and selling of property within our community. 

Please understand, Trustees must approve all sales, transfers and leases before possession is valid and effective. This requires that PURCHASE APPLICATION be completed, notorized and returned to our office prior to sale. Each application must include copy of valid drivers licence or other form of acceptable photo id for each applicant and or individual who will be residing on the property. 

For individuals wishing to rent the property or will not be residing on the property post purchase, a RENTAL / NON-OWNER APPLICATION is required. 

An Approval of Sale letter is required. The Title company handling the closing should request and Estoppel prior to closing. Assuming the proper application process and approvals are completed, Holiday Park Park and Recreation District will provide the completed Estoppel and Approval of Sale letter to the Title company.  There ia a $75.00 fee for the Estoppel billed to the Title company at time of approval. Approval of Sale and Estoppel requests should be emailed to Resident Services 

Gate codes for showing the property will be provided upon the request of the property owner. If the property owner prefers more control, they can provide their directory code to the Realtor or a request for a temporary realtor code can be emailed to and should include the property address, Realtor Name and Company as well as contact information.

There are rules regarding signage and showing of properties, again we encourage you to familiarize yourself with this information all of which can be found here RULES AND REGULATIONS