Special Events

DINNERS: To attend dinners, tickets are needed. Homeowners only can purchase up to four (4) tickets, with four (4) Homeowners membership cards on the 1st day of sale. Renters and Homeowners’ guest(s) can purchase on the 2nd day of sale. Tickets are sold in Ph II, 8:00 – 10:00 am. NOTE: Please bring your own plates and silverware to the dinners. 

PICNICS: All park picnics are for Men’s Club members and guests. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Single ladies can purchase a ticket. Each person or couple attending is expected to bring a covered dish or dessert that will serve 5 – 6 people, silverware, and table & chairs. The Men’s Club will supply glasses or cups, beer, soda, meat, coffee, water and plates.

DANCES: These are held monthly during the winter months. See park newsletter for details each month. Tickets are needed.

TOURS: Various out of park tours (cruises & day trips) are available to park residents & guest. See PH I bulletin board for details & sign up sheets.